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Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

RHK specializes in being one of the foremost Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers, offering a diverse range of designed and crafted hydraulic cylinders. As a custom manufacturer, RHK works closely with its clients to establish design requirements and develop an affordable solution.

RHK’s technical sales and engineering teams have extensive experience designing cylinders from a set of specifications or even a conceptual idea.


Hydraulic Cylinder Service
And Repair

RHK services & repairs all types of hydraulic cylinders. From leaky seals to complete rebuilds, RHK can have your hydraulic cylinder remanufactured and back to you in short time. Your cylinder will be completely inspected and a repair estimate will be provided for approval before we commence repairs.


Hard Chrome

Hard chrome plating is an electroplating process in which a layer of chromium is applied to a surface to improve corrosion and wear resistance, reduce friction, and extend the life of parts used in extreme working environments. A wide range of materials, component sizes and complexity can be plated making hard chrome a popular choice for many industrial and commercial applications.


Established in 1990, RHK is a privately owned company dedicated to manufacturing and servicing hydraulic cylinders. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, RHK has built the reputation for delivering high quality products and service to a wide range of clients world wide in industries such as oil & gas, construction, agriculture, heavy machinery, forestry, mining, transportation and waste disposal.

We put our customers first and strive to secure their loyalty through excellent service, timely delivery and cost-effective product solutions.


Why Clients Choose Us...

Who We Are

  • 1990

    hydraulic cylinder

  • 1996

    started manufacturing

  • 2000

    both repair and
    manufacturing facilities

  • 2003

    started chroming
    f acility

  • 2022

    providing services to
    the clients world wide

Committed to Quality

RHK’s Quality Assurance program is registered to the international ISO 9001:2015 standard for design, manufacture and service of our products. Through this Quality program we ensure that every aspect of our business is held to the highest standard and that every order is fulfilled accurately and on time.

Committed to creating a healthier environment for its employees and the community, RHK has received, and continuously works towards the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard. RHK also maintains the international certification, ISO OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety. Meeting these standards, RHK ensures that our operation minimizes the negative affect on the environment and creates a safe place to work.

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Since 1990, RHK has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries. Our Sales and Engineering team has extensive experience and is standing by to develop a custom solution for your application.

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