Tailoring Hydraulic Cylinders for Specific Applications

At RHK Hydraulic Cylinder Services Inc. we understand the critical role that hydraulic cylinders play in diverse industrial applications. From manufacturing and construction to oil & gas and mining, many systems rely on hydraulic cylinders to provide the necessary force, precision, and efficiency required for overall productivity. At RHK we tailor the size, stroke length, mountings, materials and pressure ratings for each use case ensuring optimal performance and reliability of your products.
Using cutting-edge technology we manufacture welded design, telescopic, position sensing SMART and leveling cylinders that comply with your specs. Some of the industries we service include Oil & Gas, Truck & Trailer, Construction, Forestry & Pulp, Mining, Agriculture, and Cranes & Aerial Lifts.

Efficiency Boost: How Custom Solutions Improve Workflow

Each of these complex industries uses equipment for work processes that require a high level of precision. Whether it’s improving cycle times, enhancing capabilities, or reducing downtime, customized hydraulic cylinders are designed to streamline workflows and drive operational efficiency. When implementing customized cylinders into your application, your equipment will perform at a higher standard, have an improved lifespan and increase cost-efficiency. Features such as variable speed control, position feedback and precision control valves are instrumental in providing operators with enhanced control capabilities. If there are any issues with functionality of these products, the result could lead to inefficiencies, safety hazards and ultimately increased maintenance costs and costly downtime for a company.
RHK Hydraulic Cylinder Services Inc. designs and manufactures cylinders based on these unique needs, offering a more efficient and consistent product. Our engineering team will tailor a design based on your specific cylinder body, piston and seal requirements. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and quality materials, RHK ensures each cylinder meets the highest standards of performance and durability.
An additional benefit is the ability for custom cylinders to be integrated seamlessly into your existing equipment and systems, streamlining processes and reducing bottlenecks in your workload. Having reliable equipment is instrumental when automating repetitive tasks, improving material handling processes, or enhancing equipment performance. Depending on your specific needs, RHK specializes in four customized solutions to increase the reliability of your equipment. 

    • Welded design hydraulic cylinders are known for their durability and reliability. Built with robust materials using precision welding techniques the bore size, stroke length, and mounting configurations can all be customized for your use.
    • Telescopic hydraulic cylinders feature a compact design allowing for a long stroke in a relatively small space which is ideal when space is limited but you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency.
    • Position Sensing SMART hydraulic cylinders feature advanced monitoring capabilities that provide real time feedback on position and performance allowing operators to detect potential issues early. This technology also has remote monitoring capabilities allowing cylinder performance to be monitored from anywhere, again allowing for proactive maintenance and minimal disruptions.
    • Leveling Jack Stabilizing Cylinders provide stability for heavy machinery and ensure even weight distribution in critical situations. Designed for easy installation and operation, both standard and split locknut options can be integrated easily to your equipment and offer reliable performance.

Economic Advantages of Customization

When comparing the initial investment for customized vs generic hydraulic cylinders, it is important to keep in mind the long-term economic advantages. The cost efficiency of reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and improved productivity all contribute to an increase in your bottom line. Additionally, the performance of a hydraulic cylinder built specifically for an application will far surpass that of a generic cylinder. As well, the integration processes will be seamless with zero compatibility issues. Customizing cylinders also minimizes unnecessary features and materials, reducing both initial costs and long-term maintenance expenses.

Customized Engineering
Optimize the performance of your equipment with customized hydraulic cylinders.

Working with Manufacturers for Ideal Custom Solutions

Collaboration is key to developing ideal custom solutions for industrial processes. Our team of experienced engineers work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and develop customized solutions. By tailoring cylinders to specific applications, we can optimize performance, boost efficiency, and drive economic advantages. Whether you’re looking to streamline workflow, reduce costs, or improve productivity, RHK Hydraulics has the customized solution you need.
To ensure our products meet your critical requirements our process includes:

    • Consultation: Our engineers work closely with customers to understand their requirements, including force, speed, size constraints, and environmental factors.
    • Design and Engineering: Using advanced CAD software and simulation tools, we design cylinders that meet the precise specifications for each application.
    • Material Selection: RHK Hydraulics carefully selects materials based on the operating conditions and performance requirements of the application, ensuring durability and reliability.
    • Testing and Validation: Before delivery, each customized cylinder undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance, quality, and safety.

By tailoring cylinders to your specific applications, you will enhance performance, efficiency, and safety while reducing operational costs. Contact RHK for all your hydraulic cylinder needs.

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Since 1990, RHK has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries. Our Sales and Engineering team has extensive experience and is standing by to develop a custom solution for your application.

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