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We received three crane swivel housings for repair with the issue of a worn inside diameter.

This is a common scenario with a swivel housing as the seals wear grooves into the barrel over time with significant use. These grooves in the bore causes bypassing, seal leakage and eventually communication failure. Our job was to bring these swivel housings back to OEM specification.

Swivel barrels ABC 768x576 1

A common solution is to apply a fresh layer of chrome on the inside diameter which improves wear resistance and allows the barrel ID to be brought back to suitable size. The surface is then precision honed to OEM size and surface finish.

Interestingly, the three swivel housings were in various condition states and two already had a chromed ID while one did not. Therefore, a unique plan was implemented for each swivel.

Swivel barrel B2 768x576 1

The bore of swivel B suffered the most wear. Here you see the grooves are so worn into the bore, it almost looks part of the design.

Customized Solutions

Swivel A

Moderate wear, inside diameter not chromed

SOLUTION:  Hone the bore oversize, chrome the ID, hone the to optimal size and surface finish (Ra).

Swivel B

Major wear, inside diameter chromed

SOLUTION:  Remove the existing ID chrome, hone the bore oversize, chrome the ID, hone to optimal size and surface finish (Ra).

Swivel C            

Minor wear, inside diameter chromed

SOLUTION:  Hone the ID to optimal size and surface finish (Ra)

Swivel barrel C 1024x768 1

At RHK we don’t just follow the same path for every job. We customize a quality solution that saves our customer repair cost and down time.

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