RHK Hydraulics is now a proud member of the Canadian Fluid Power Association. Membership with the CFPA will keep us up to date on the latest industry news and innovations regarding fluid power while providing many opportunities of growth for RHK and our employees. By tapping into the large pool of services and insight the CFPA offers, we will be armed to make more informed business decisions and stay competitive long term.

What is the Canadian Fluid Power Association?

The Canadian Fluid Power Association (CFPA) is committed to finding and delivering value to association members. They promote fluid power technology in Canada and provide their members with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities essential to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

CFPA’s goal is to have a membership that is strong and involved while keeping it uniquely Canadian. Members include manufacturers, and distributors of fluid power components across Canada.

CFPA Membership

As the leading source of Canadian market information, CFPA members are better able to make strategic decisions by being more aware of how their business is doing compared to the overall Canadian fluid power market. 

Membership also allows many opportunities to expand your business: Networking with manufacturers and distributors from across the country is the best way to form new relationships and promote your company to industry leaders. Our Annual General Meeting has become the industry standard for exceptional keynotes from leaders in the fluid power and economic industries while allowing members to connect in an informal environment. These meetings are also scheduled in scenic areas and spouses are invited to join the fun.

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Personnel Insights and Certification

As all members are having issues hiring and retaining qualified personnel, it is essential to know not only national averages for industry compensation but regional variances as well. The CFPA Compensation and Benefits report is the only Canadian source of this critical insight.

We are also working with IFPS to provide training, review and testing to our members across the country. Certification empowers individuals and companies with confidence, credibility, and efficiency. We are also working with regional colleges to design and implement fluid power courses tailored to the specific needs of your staff. This has moved online for the time being.

Get Involved

CFPA offers members multiple ways to get involved which can benefit you and your company. Being an active participant in CFPA keeps you up to date on the latest industry news, innovations, and improvements regarding fluid power. It also offers ways to grow your industry contacts and meet other businesses active in the industry.

Opportunities to get involved with CFPA include:

  • Association committees and boards that help lead projects for the organization.
  • Fluid Power Challenge Events match members with eighth grade students and teachers in their community. The events are geared towards generating student interest in the fluid power industry through a variety of activities.

It has never been more true that we are stronger together. By sharing information and best practices members are far better armed to weather tough circumstances including the current pandemic. 

Not a member? Get involved!


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