Wreck of the Month

Hydraulic Cylinder Side Load

At RHK Hydraulics, we see all kinds of failed cylinders. And some failures are nothing short of good content. In this new monthly feature, we will illustrate some horrific failures while diving into the cause and preventative measures.

Recently we received a cylinder for repair that suffered some major damage out in the field. In fact, the damage was so bad, the cylinder could not be extended or retracted as the gland and rod were completely galled up. Talk about putting a halt on operations.

Wreck of the Month hydraulic cylinder gland rod damage

After disassembly and discussion with our customer, it was clear that excessive side loading was the culprit.  Side loading occurs when a perpendicular force is applied to the designated orientation of the cylinder. Side Loading is one of the most common cylinder failures.

Wreck of the Month hydraulic cylinder seal damage failure

As you can see, the seals were ripped to shreds. Surprisingly the barrel came away unscathed, only in need of a hone.

Wreck of the Month hydraulic cylinder gland damage failure

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