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Hydraulic Cylinders for the Environmental and Waste Management Industry

In today's world, environmental sustainability and waste management have become crucial concerns. Industries worldwide are striving to minimize pollution, maximize recycling efforts, and improve waste management practices. With years of experience and expertise, RHK understands the unique challenges faced by this industry and the critical role that hydraulic cylinders play in its operation, and offers specialized solutions for the environmental and waste management industry.

RHK Hydraulic Cylinder Services uses advanced manufacturing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery to produce hydraulic cylinders that are built to withstand the demanding conditions of environmental and waste management applications.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders for Environmental and Waste Management Equipment

When it comes to environmental and waste management equipment, hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient operation. These specialized cylinders are used in a variety of applications, such as waste compactors, recycling equipment, landfill machinery, and wastewater treatment systems. RHK Hydraulic Cylinder Services specializes in manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders tailored to meet the specific needs of the environmental and waste management industry.

We take a comprehensive approach to developing custom hydraulic cylinder solutions, collaborating closely with clients to understand their specific needs and operational challenges. By gaining a deep understanding of the equipment and its intended applications, our knowledgeable team can design and manufacture hydraulic cylinders that are precisely tailored to meet the demands of the environmental and waste management industry.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders for Agricultural Equipment  

Agriculture applications typically use the following cylinder types

Welded Design
MF03D 830 Telescopic
MF03D 956.16 Screw Jack
MF03D 1507 1 4 SMART
MF03D 956.16 Big Bore
Big Bore

Ensuring the Functionality of Your Machinery

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Efficient machinery is crucial for effective environmental and waste management. Hydraulic cylinders are critical components of this machinery, providing the necessary power and control for various operations. However, the demanding nature of these applications puts hydraulic cylinders under immense stress. Therefore, it is essential to invest in high-quality, durable cylinders that can withstand the rigors of the industry.

We take pride in delivering top-notch cylinders that are built to last. Using advanced manufacturing techniques and premium materials, RHK’s hydraulic cylinders are designed to withstand heavy loads, extreme temperatures, and harsh environmental conditions. This ensures that your machinery operates smoothly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Considerations for Hydraulic Cylinders Used in the Environmental and Waste Management Industry

When selecting hydraulic cylinders for environmental and waste management equipment, several key factors should be considered:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Environmental and waste management applications often involve exposure to corrosive substances. It is crucial to choose hydraulic cylinders that are resistant to corrosion to ensure long-term performance and durability.
  • Sealing and Contamination Control: The presence of dust, debris, and contaminants is common in waste management environments. Hydraulic cylinders equipped with effective sealing mechanisms and contamination control features can prevent damage and maintain optimal performance.
  • Robust Construction: Given the demanding nature of the industry, hydraulic cylinders should be constructed with robust materials and designs. This ensures they can withstand heavy loads, frequent use, and harsh operating conditions.
  • Customization: Every environmental and waste management operation has unique requirements. RHK Hydraulic Cylinder Services offers customized solutions, allowing you to tailor the specifications of your hydraulic cylinders to match your specific needs.

By taking these considerations into account, you can ensure that your hydraulic cylinders perform reliably, contributing to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your environmental and waste management equipment.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders for Waste & Recycling Equipment

Aggressive Hydraulics has the knowledge and expertise to design, engineer & manufacture high-performance hydraulic cylinders for waste management and other markets. Every detail counts in designing and manufacturing custom cylinders tailored to your specific application and work environment.


Our rugged, purpose-built baler cylinder design withstands the continuous compressing and compacting of recyclable materials.

  • Bale Pusher Cylinders
  • Compaction / Compactor Cylinders
  • Compression Door Cylinders
  • Door Lock Cylinders
  • Door Opener Cylinders
  • Eject / Ejector Cylinders
  • Gate Cylinders
  • Lift Cylinders
  • Main Ram Cylinders
  • Packer / Blade Cylinders
  • Pre-Crush Cylinders
  • Press Cylinders
  • Rotary Door Cylinders
  • Separation Door Cylinders
  • Side Arm Cylinders
  • Side Ram Cylinders
  • Side Tension Cylinders
  • Slave Cylinders
  • Sorter Lift Cylinders
  • Squeeze Door Cylinders
  • Stamper Cylinders
  • Tension / Tensioner Cylinders

Minimize equipment downtime with hydraulic cylinders made for commercial and industrial waste compactors.

  • Blade Cylinders
  • Cart Dumper Cylinders
  • Door Cylinders
  • Door Lift Cylinders
  • End Tipper Cylinders
  • Packer Cylinders
  • Pre-Crush Cylinders

Standard and telescopic waste management cylinders deliver the high power and force required for roll-off hoists and hook lift systems.

  • Jib Boom Cylinders
  • Jib Extend Cylinders
  • Lift Hoist Cylinders
  • Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Cylinders

Rugged, purpose-built designs help our front load waste truck cylinders withstand demanding conditions and long working hours.

  • Adjustable Fork (Slide Shift) Cylinders
  • Arm Lift Cylinders
  • Body Raise / Dump Cylinders
  • Cab Guard / Shield Cylinders
  • Drop Door Cylinders
  • Ejector / Pushout Cylinders
  • Fork Tilt Cylinders
  • Fork, Self-Leveling
  • Packer / Blade
  • Pushout
  • Service Body Lift
  • Sliding Fork
  • Tailgate Latch
  • Tailgate Raise
  • Top Door / Hopper Cover

Choose from several heavy-duty waste management cylinder designs, each made to meet specific performance requirements.

  • Boom Lift Arm Cylinders
  • Contact Dumper Cylinders
  • Horizontal Slide Cylinders
  • Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Cylinders
  • Trip Hook Cylinders
  • Vertical Lift Cylinders

Equip your shredding truck with custom waste and recycling cylinders made for demanding work environments.

  • Compactor Cylinders
  • Compactor Door Cylinders
  • Compactor Lid Cylinders
  • Conveyor Cylinders
  • Hood Cylinders
  • Lift Cylinders
  • Lift Front Conveyor Cylinders

Purpose-built custom waste management cylinders help your equipment perform better and longer and with less downtime.

  • Blade Packer, Slide Carrier Link Outside Cylinders
  • Blade Positioning Cylinders
  • Blade Sweep Cylinders
  • Clamp Cylinders
  • Contact Dumper Cylinders
  • Container Dumper Cylinders
  • Ejector / Pushout Cylinders
  • Inside Packer Cylinders
  • Operating Sweep, Packer Cylinders
  • Outside Packer Cylinders
  • Push Out Cylinders
  • Roll Bar Cylinders
  • Tag Axle Pusher Cylinders
  • Tailgate Latch / Lock Cylinders
  • Tailgate Raise Cylinders
  • Winch Reeving Cylinders

Our hydraulic cylinders for recycling equipment are made to outperform others on the market. A purpose-built design delivers high performance under rugged conditions.

  • Air Latch Lock Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Arm Lift Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Reach, In & Out Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Arm Swivel Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Dump Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Grabber / Grip Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Slave Cylinders
  • Body Raise / Dump Cylinders
  • Packer / Eject Cylinders
  • Partition Door Lock Cylinders
  • Tailgate Latch / Lock Cylinders
  • Tailgate Raise Cylinders
  • Top Door Cylinders

We manufacture custom welded and high-pressure waste equipment cylinders to withstand demanding work conditions and extreme environments.

  • Bale Cylinders
  • Cable Reeving (Winch) Cylinders
  • Container Positioner Cylinders
  • Carriage – Reeving Cylinders
  • Container Hold Down Cylinders
  • Extendable Tail, Stinger Cylinders
  • Extends & Retracts ICC Bumper Cylinders
  • Hinged Tail Cylinders
  • Hoist Lift / Tilt Cylinders
  • Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Cylinders

Standard and custom waste cylinders are available for hydraulically powered roll-off tarp systems.

  • Arm Extension Cylinders
  • Gantry Cylinders
  • Lower Arm Pivot Cylinders
  • Mast Cylinders
  • Pivot Cylinders
  • Upper Arm Pivot Cylinders

Purpose-built waste management cylinders designed to meet the specific requirements of side loading garbage trucks.

  • Container Dump, Arm Lift Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Reach, In & Out Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Arm Swivel Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Dump Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Grabber / Grip Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Slave Cylinders
  • Body Raise / Dump Cylinders
  • Bucket Lift Cylinders
  • Container Dump Cylinders
  • Door Lift / Track Extend Cylinders
  • Hopper Cover Cylinders
  • Mast Extension Cylinders
  • Mast Lift Cylinders
  • Mast Slide Extend Cylinders
  • Packer Blade / Ejector Cylinders
  • Pre-Crush, Crusher Panel Cylinders
  • Tailgate Latch / Lock Cylinders
  • Tailgate Raise Cylinders
  • Top Door Cylinders
  • Vertical Mast Cylinders

A rugged design and high-quality materials make our hydraulic cylinders the right choice for your street sweeper hydraulic system.

  • Body Raise / Dump Cylinders
  • Brush Cylinder
  • Conveyor Lift Cylinders
  • Conveyor Tilt Cylinders
  • Hopper Door Cylinders
  • Hopper Lift Cylinders
  • Container Dump, Dump Cylinders

We manufacture waste and recycling hydraulic cylinders with the design features and pressure rating required for your specific compactor design.

  • Compaction / Packer / Blade Cylinders

Get better performance with our purpose-built hydraulics for waste management equipment. We customize each hydraulic cylinder to meet your specific needs.

  • Ejector / Pushout Cylinders
  • Top Door Cylinders
  • Trailer Lock Cylinders
  • Walking Floor Cylinders

The high-performance design of our custom waste management cylinders handles everything, whether it’s lifting heavy tanks or preventing covers from slamming shut.

  • Boom Extend & Retract Cylinders
  • Boom Lift Cylinders
  • Door Lock Cylinders
  • Dump Door Latch Cylinders
  • Dump Door Lift Cylinders
  • Dump Hoist, Body Raise, Tipping Cylinders
  • Extendable Boom Cylinders
  • Lift / Elevator Cylinders
  • Mud Sweep Ram Cylinders
  • Rear Door Cylinders
  • Slope Tank Pusher Cylinders
  • Tailgate Lift Cylinders
  • Tailgate Lock Cylinders
  • Vacuum Breaker Cylinders


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