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RHK services & repairs all types of hydraulic cylinders. From leaky seals to complete rebuilds, RHK can have your hydraulic cylinder restored to OEM specs and back in service FAST! Your cylinder will be completely inspected and a repair estimate will be provided for approval before we commence repairs. All recommended repairs and service is covered by a full warranty. And furthermore, by understanding a customer’s needs, we can modify a cylinder to better suit the application.

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We service all types of hydraulic cylinders

including these brands and more…

Typical Repair Scope

  • Disassembly & Inspection

    Disassembly & Inspection

    Your hydraulic cylinder will be disassembled and inspected from end to end. Critical dimensions will be measured and all component condition will be evaluated to bring your cylinder back to peak performance. A complete estimate will be provided for approval prior to commencing any repairs.

  • Gland / Piston Condition

    Gland / Piston Condition

    Glands and pistons can deteriorate over time, especially in harsh working conditions. Glands and pistons can be modified for improved sealing performance or replaced to ensure correct clearance and maximize cylinder operation.

  • Seal Condition

    Seal Condition

    Seals can deteriorate over time and from extreme working conditions. Cylinder cycles, fluid temperature, fluid condition and the condition of cylinder components can all contribute to seal failure. Cylinders do not usually fail from this cause, however this is the usual symptom of the problem.

  • Mounting Connection

    Mounting Connection

    Cylinders usually require mounting. Some styles incorporate threads, pins, trunions, tabs, bolts, bearings or bushings as an example to attach the cylinder to the mechanism that they are operating. Failure of any of these devices can stop operation of the cylinder.

  • Bore Condition

    Bore Condition

    Any deterioration to Surface finish or Dimensional Clearances will cause Internal Oil Leakage & the cylinder may not function at full efficiency. Most cylinder bores are honed to Ra8 to Ra16 Micro finish & a .1mm or .004 inch diameter tolerance. All honing is done in house.

  • Porting Connection

    Porting Connection

    All cylinders require flanges, couplings, & fittings as a method of receiving oil flow from the control system. Failure of these items will cause failure of the component.

  • Rod / Stage Condition

    Rod / Stage Condition

    Any deterioration of the finish or straightness will cause seal failure & external oil leakage. Damaged cylinder rods and stages can be polished and/or hard chrome plated in house.

  • Assembly and Testing

    Assembly and Testing

    Once the component repairs are complete, the cylinder is re-assembled and tested as per customer requirements. Upon successful testing, the cylinders can be primed or painted to customer specs then packaged for shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

We repair all kinds of cylinders. From small pin-lock cylinders to 40’ long multi-stage cylinders, we repair and service them all.

This depends on the extent of the repairs, parts and material availability, and our current workload. Ask our inside sales team about options to expedite delivery.

Yes, we can. We prefer to perform at least a basic inspection on the components, but with time or budget constraints, we can simply reseal a cylinder.

The most common causes of hydraulic cylinder failure are:

  • Fluid Contamination - Foreign particles in the hydraulic fluid can scratch the cylinder bore and cause corrosion.
  • Seal Failure – Seals can be damaged by excessive heat, improper installation, pressure spikes and contamination.
  • Mount Connection Failure – When a cylinder is overloaded or misaligned, excessive stress causes faster wear on the mount connections.
  • Side Loading - When an external force is applied perpendicular to the cylinder, it creates wear. Excessive side loading can cause a bent or broken rod.
  • Rough or Scored Rod - A scored rod will damage the seals, causing difficulty to maintain pressure, reduce life, and require frequent replacement.
  • Over-Pressurizing - Repeatedly handling more pressure than it is designed for causes snap rings to dislodge making the cylinder dangerous to operate.

Yes, we can straighten most cylinder rods and stages. However, we occasionally encounter rods with a diameter, length, or material that is unfeasible for straightening.


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Hydraulic Cylinder Failure: 7 Common Causes

Hydraulic cylinders are the often-overlooked work-horses that provide functionality to a wide range of industrial equipment and mechanical applications. Manufactured for performance in the most demanding environments..

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Repair Applications

RHK serves many industries such as these:

  • Drilling & Service Rigs
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Mining
  • Equipment Rental
  • Paving
  • Waste Management
  • Cranes & Lifting
  • Landscaping
  • Gravel Pits
  • Utilities
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture

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Since 1990, RHK has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries. Our Sales and Engineering team has extensive experience and is standing by to develop a custom solution for your application.

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