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Telescopic hydraulic cylinders, sometimes called multi-stage cylinders, allow for a long stroke while maintaining a short retracted length. This is achieved with 2 or more nested stages which help to achieve a longer working stroke than a single-stage rod-style actuator is capable of.

RHK’s technical sales and engineering teams have extensive experience designing cylinders from a set of specifications or even a conceptual idea.

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Designed and Manufactured to your Requirements

RHK’s sales and engineering team has extensive experience designing cylinders from a set of specifications or even a conceptual idea. Let us engineer a design to your specific application.

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  • Custom Bore Size, Stroke length and lifting capacity
  • Custom Mounting Configuration
  • Threaded/Bolted Gland
  • Threaded/Bolted/Welded Endcap
  • Counterbalance, Pilot Operated Check Valves
  • Porting options (ORB, NPT, C61) and location
  • Custom Paint to your spec
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Single Acting Telescopic Cylinders

Single Acting Telescopic Cylinders are extended using hydraulic pressure and retracted using an external force, such as gravity.

Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders

Double Acting Telescopic Cylinders use hydraulic pressure to extend AND retract. This design involves additional sealing and internal components feature machined passageways for proper staging.

Single/Double Acting Combination

Single/Double Acting Combination Cylinders provide a retract force for only a portion of the stroke and gravity retracts the remainder. Allowing a number of stages to remain single acting, maintains simplicity in design and reduces overall cost.

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Multi-Stage Cylinder Worksheet

Use this sheet to help design a custom multi-stage cylinder and obtain a quote. Not all specs are required but the more information provided, the better.

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Mounting Connections

Here is a list of typical mounting connections. For custom mounting options, get in touch!

Cross Tube 150x150 1

Cross Tube

Clevis 150x150 1


Clevis Threaded 150x150 1

Clevis – Threaded

Lug 150x150 1


Lug Spherical 150x150 1

Lug w/Spherical
Plane Bearing

Trunnion 150x150 1


Flange Round

Flange – Round

Flange Square

Flange – Square

Hole Thru

Hole Thru

Threaded Male

Threaded – Male

Threaded Female

Threaded – Female



Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders​ FAQs

A telescopic cylinder features an outer barrel and 2-6 nested stages (sometimes called sleeves) that decrease in diameter and fit inside each other. As hydraulic pressure is applied, the largest sleeve extends until fully extended. Then the process repeats until the final sleeve (also known as the rod or plunger) is extended, resulting in the total cylinder extension.

Telescopic cylinders, also known as multi-stage cylinders, can achieve a longer stroke than a single-stage cylinder, while maintaining a short retracted length. It is helpful in space-constrained environments such as the dump body of a dump truck. Think of a telescope, where the telescopic cylinder got its name.

A single acting telescopic cylinder uses hydraulic pressure to extend an external force, such as gravity to retract. A double acting telescopic cylinder uses hydraulic pressure to both extend and retract. A single/double acting combination cylinder uses hydraulic pressure to retract only a portion of the stroke, maintaining design simplicity and reducing overall cost.

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Everything About Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

A telescopic hydraulic cylinder is popular in many industries, especially in mobile applications. The main advantage of this cylinder design is its ability to provide an exceptionally long stroke while maintaining a relatively short retracted length

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