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RHK designs and manufactures a wide array of hydraulic cylinders. A welded design cylinder is popular for both its durability and serviceability.

RHK’s technical sales and engineering teams have extensive experience designing cylinders from a set of specifications or even a conceptual idea

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Designed and Manufactured to your Requirements

RHK’s sales and engineering team has extensive experience designing cylinders from a set of specifications or even a conceptual idea. Let us engineer a design to your specific application.

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  • Custom Bore Size, Stroke length and lifting capacity
  • Custom Mounting Configuration (see below)
  • Threaded/Bolted Gland
  • Welded/Threaded/Bolted Endcap
  • Counterbalance, Pilot Operated Check Valves
  • Porting options (ORB, NPT, C61) and location
  • Custom Paint to your spec
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Custom Design and Engineering

RHK is a leader in custom manufacturing of all types of hydraulic cylinders. We manufacture single or multi-stage cylinders, single or double acting. All products are engineered to meet safety, material strength, and load capacity guidelines. Additionally, all manufacturing processes are done in-house.

Our engineering and applications team will work closely with you, the customer to understand your specifications, requirements and applications. RHK will create designs, manufacture, inspect and deliver within the timeframe which ensures consistent high-quality cylinders to the marketplace. All cylinders are designed, built and tested as per API standards and follow ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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Manufactured with Pride

Driven by Continuous Improvement

RHK’s versatile manufacturing process accommodates low and high volume orders of varying sized cylinders. Every component is rigorously measured, tested and held to RHK’s Quality Assurance program. Using ERP software progress is monitored ensuring every order is fulfilled accurately and on time.

Once assembled and tested, completed cylinders are primed light grey for rust protection while in transport. Full painting services are also available.

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RHK Single Stage Cylinder WorkSheet 1

Single Stage Cylinder Worksheet

Use this sheet to help design a custom cylinder and obtain a quote. Not all specs are required but the more information provided, the better.

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Mounting Connections

Here is a list of typical mounting connections. For custom mounting options, get in touch!

Cross Tube 150x150 1

Cross Tube

Clevis 150x150 1


Clevis Threaded 150x150 1

Clevis – Threaded

Lug 150x150 1


Lug Spherical 150x150 1

Lug w/Spherical
Plane Bearing

Trunnion 150x150 1


Flange Round

Flange – Round

Flange Square

Flange – Square

Hole Thru

Hole Thru

Threaded Male

Threaded – Male

Threaded Female

Threaded – Female



Welded Design Cylinders FAQs

Both welded and tie-rod cylinders are common hydraulic cylinder types that differ in endcap design. Welded cylinders feature an endcap welded to the barrel, while the endcap of a tie-rod cylinder is held on with tie-rods that run the length of the cylinder. Although a tie-rod cylinder can be easier to service, a welded cylinder generally takes up less space, can handle higher operating pressures and withstands harsher environments.

Absolutely. A welded cylinder typically features a welded endcap and a threaded or bolted gland, allowing for ease of disassembly and service. Occasionally we come across cylinders that are welded on both ends, and the cylinder is rebuildable, but must be machined apart to be rebuilt.

The most common causes of welded cylinder failure are:

  • Fluid Contamination: Foreign particles in the hydraulic fluid can scratch the cylinder bore and cause corrosion.
  • Side Loading: When an external force is applied perpendicular to the cylinder, it creates wear. Excessive side loading can cause a bent or broken rod.
  • Rough or Scored Rod: A scored rod will damage the seals, causing difficulty to maintain pressure, reduce life, and require frequent replacement.
  • Over-Pressurizing: Repeatedly handling more pressure than it is designed for causes snap rings to dislodge and becomes dangerous to operate.

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Since 1990, RHK has been manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries. Our Sales and Engineering team has extensive experience and is standing by to develop a custom solution for your application.

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